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The Exiled Realm of Arborea [ T E R A ]

 Tera online box artwork.png

The Exiled Realm of Arborea (also known as TERA Online) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) by Bluehole Studio. It was released in South Korea on January 25, 2011. The date for release of North America and Europe is Spring of 2012, beta testing starts early 2012. Possible localizations for other regions have been mentioned, but have not yet been confirmed besides Japan.


The Exiled Realm of Arborea will have typical MMORPG features such as quests, crafting and player versus player action. Combat uses a real-time battle system which incorporates third person camera view – the player targets their enemies with a cross-hair -a non-target battle system- rather than selecting a target to automatically attack, and must actively dodge enemy attacks. The player may use keyboard and mouse, or an Xbox 360 Controller to control their character.


About a millennia ago two omnipotent titans Arun and Shara entered into formless voids and for reasons we can only guess, fell asleep. The titans started to dream. Dream of a world that took form on their backs known as Tera. The first beings to call Tera home were twelve godlike beings dreamt up by the titans, but it wasn’t long before the gods started fighting. As the dream continued new creatures took place called mortals, they were less powerful but far more numerous. Arun dreamed of ambitious Elves, clever Humans, honor bound Amani, powerful Giants, scheming Devas, and mischievous Poporis. Shara dreamed of sly Sikandari, dark Gulas and Vampirs, fierce Wendigos, strange Faeries, and serpentine Nagas. The mortals were forced into the divine wars of the gods, which eventually left the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise diminished. The mortal races didn’t escape unscathed. Some—like the Sikandari, and most of the Giants—were wiped out but others rose from the wars such as the Barakas and Castanics. Now that the gods were gone the seven races; Amani, Barakas, Castanics, Elin, High Elves, Humans, and Poporis must band together to fend off a new enemy. A metallic race from the underworld called Argons; their goal is to take over Tera and wake the titans to end their dreams and destroy Tera.


Characters may be one of seven races: The 'Amani', a race of draconian humanoids, the 'Baraka', a giant, intelligent race, the Castanics, a demon-like race, the Elins, an innocent nature loving race, the High Elves, the Humans, and the animal-like Popori. There are male and female counterparts for each of the races except for the Baraka, which are genderless.


The ARCHER who is a “Range Damage Class” uses a bow and wears light armor. This class is known to have the tool for every job with its evasive abilities, traps, minor melee attacks, and arrows that poison, explode, pierce armor, rapid fire, and area of effect enemies.
The SORCERER who is a “Range Magic Damage Class” uses an arcane disc to channel his magic and wears cloth armor. Known as “Warriors of Intellect” they do massive damage using fire, ice, arcane, and debuffs as long as they can keep their enemies away. They have several moves to help them evade and trap enemies.
The SLAYER who is a “Melee Damage Class” uses a 2-handed sword and wears light armor. This ultimate solo class has high damage attacks while also being quick and agile enough to never be hit. They are also known for their round house sword attack and ability to flip over and around enemies.
The BERSERKER who is a “Melee Damage Class” uses a massive 2-handed axe and wears heavy armor. Also known as “Damage Juggernauts” this class is the heaviest hitter in the game and knocks around foes like dolls. They have the ability to block with their axe and make good back up tanks since they can take heavy damage. The only downside to this class is they are very slow moving.
The LANCER who is a “Blocking Tank” uses a shield and lance and wears heavy armor. This class is most impressive because of its ability to use his shield to completely guard himself and allies behind him. But do not doubt his damage because lancers use both their lance and shield to do massive damage with shield bashes and lance thrusts.
The WARRIOR who is a “Dodge Tank” uses twin swords and wears light armor. Acting almost like a common rogue or assassin this class has the best dodging and evading abilities in the game. His quick attacks enable him to keep agro while dealing constant damage.
The MYSTIC who is a “Support Healer Class” uses a scepter and wears cloth armor. More support than heals, the mystic acts as a party buffer. His abilities to summon minions and use crowd control make him useful. The newest and most interesting part about this class though is that he drops health and energy orbs on the ground that his teammates must pick up; this is how mystics heal.
The PRIEST who is a “Healer Support Class” uses a staff and wears cloth armor. This ultimate healer has the most extensive skill tree in the game that makes him able to buff and heal party members while still dealing damage and being able to solo. He has target and area of effect heals, stat boosts, barriers, and a few evasive moves to protect him.
According to forums a Bard "Support Range Damage Class" is rumored to release in 2012.

Watch  The Exiled Realm of Arborea [ T E R A ] game trailer for more details.


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