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The Cursed Crusade

The Cursed Crusade Cover Art.png

The Cursed Crusade is an upcoming medieval third-person action-adventure video game being developed by Kylotonn Games and will be published by Atlus for North America and dtp entertainment AG for Europe. The game will be released on August 26, 2011 in Europe, and will be followed by the North American release on October 11, 2011. It has just been recently announced that the retail price for The Cursed Crusade will now be $39.99 dollars, which was a markdown from the original retail price of $59.99 dollars. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will support stereoscopic 3D.

Developer(s) Kylotonn Games
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows
  • EU September 16, 2011
PlayStation 3
  • NA October 11, 2011
  • EU September 16, 2011
Xbox 360
  • NA October 11, 2011
  • EU September 16, 2011
Genre(s) Action-adventure game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media/distribution Blu-ray Disc


Templar's Curse

To bear the Templar's Curse guarantees its wielders will end up in Hell when they fade from the mortal coil. The Templars have borne the curse through the generations, passing it down to their sons.
Those who activate the curse are the only ones who see the world turn to Hell. To all others, it would seem only that their opponent is faster, stronger, and more capable. In the Templar's Curse, even horses gain the ability to ride faster and jump further.
Activating the Templar's Curse puts the power of Hell at the one's disposal. Increasing speed and power, as well as granting new abilities beyond mortal men, it is a power to be reckoned with. But at the cost of one's life, and with Death lurking in the shadows… One must use it wisely.
The Templar's Curse gauge is divided into three tiers. While the first will slowly refill automatically, the second and third will fill only when the curse begins to feel the lust of the battle. Should the gauge fill entirely, the curse will automatically activate.
While in the curse, the souls of the damned and lost become visible. Purifying them and sending them to their final rest may yield benefits to those would seek redemption for their deeds.
The cursed souls who fall in battle are instantly driven into the vision of Hell… where Death begins to stalk toward his claim. At this point, one must buy time with one's limited powers before one's partner comes to help, or Death will taste his victory.
The game will offer a Customization feature, which enables the player to equip any weapon and armor, that the character happens to come across on the battlefield, on the fly. The character's appearance, strength, and endurance will change accordingly to the pieces of equipment in use.


  • Swords

The sword is one of the most versatile and plentiful objects on the battlefield, as it can be wielded with a shield or with one in each hand. While they excel at taking lives, they are not very adept at penetrating armor.

  • Spears

The spear is a two-handed weapon that with its extended range and power, kills with great efficiency. However, against armored foes, it becomes considerably less menacing.

  • Axes

The axe is a well-balanced weapon that does equal parts damage to armored and unarmored foes. They can be wield with one in each hand to bring double the damage.

  • Great Swords

These massive blades are slow and heavy, but the damage they inflict is second only the the spear. As they are double edged weapons, they are somewhat less effective against armored foes.

  • Maces

The mace is a weapon that can be swung easily and finds its true purpose in annihilating the armor from one's foes. Once that is achieved, however, it is best to switch to a weapon more suitable for delivering the killing blow.


Denz de Bayle
When his father never returned from the Third Crusade, Denz lost everything - his lands, his castle, and his mother. Bearing his father's Templar tunic, he joins the assault on Biron Castle in hopes of enlisting in the crusade… his hope of finding his father.
Esteban Noviembre
A petty thief from the land of Spain, Esteban fights for little more than the promise of gold. But his encounter with the young son of a Templar will prove that he and his "luck star" have a greater purpose to serve in the coming storm.
Geoffroy de Villehardouin
A High Baron best known for his chronicles that would later shape history's view of the 4th Crusade. He handpicks Denz and Esteban to join the ranks of the holy army, but not even he could predict what was occurring behind the scenes.
Princess Theodora
The princess of Constantinople was entrusted with the care of a precious relic, which many now seek. She is mute and therefore cannot tell those who would use it for good where to find it.
Boniface de Montferrat
One of the five High Barons of the Fourth Crusade, Boniface leads the assaults with a calculated hand. His moves are so well planned, it's as though he guides the army with a personal stake in the matter.
It is a rare moment for Boniface to invoke the power of the curse. He prefers to work from the shadows, leaving Baudouin to be his sword.
Baudouin de Flandres
Baudouin is the right-hand man of the High Baron Boniface de Monferrat. He is a merciless general who leads with the authority of fear, and crossing him would be ill advised.
Tatikios Lente
The captain of the Constantinople guard, Tatikios Lente is a hulk of a man, his booming voice striking as much fear into hearts of his enemies as his blades.
Once the even-keeled ruler of Zara, the Templar's Curse has unhinged Ladislaus. A shadow of his former self, he remains a mighty warrior, capable of repelling an entire army with his vast power.
Martin d'Algais
Martin d'Algais is the master of Biron Castle, an old Templar who surely understands why those in power now lay siege to his land. His dark secrets are his own.
Invoking his fearsome control of the Templar's Curse, Martin d'Algais becomes a foe of unimaginable power.
The despotic usurper of Constantinople was well known for his dark features, and it is of little wonder - after strangling Alexius IV and murdering Isaac II, he claimed the throne of the Byzantine Empire, proclaiming himself Alexius V.
Walking the space between this world and the next, Death seeks those who are cursed to drag their souls to Hell… where they belong.



Europe, in the winter of 1198…
Still licking their wounds from the losses of the Third Crusade led by Richard, the Lionheart King, Pope Innocent III succeeds the Papacy. His first order of business is to sound the call for another invasion of Jerusalem.
The rumblings of a coming holy war spread, and those who would seek honor, glory, or darker things answer that call.

The Cursed Crusade has the potential to be a satisfying action adventure that makes good use of a tumultuous time in history. It's scheduled for release this fall for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. We'll bring you more on the game as its release approaches.

Watch  The Cursed Crusade game trailer.


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